7:45 a.m. Registration Open – Continental Breakfast

8:30 a.m. Welcome

Introduction of Makeovers: Three local women will be introduced to attendees before being whisked away to receive an extreme makeover from Skin Essentials Med Spa & Hair Salon and Casanova’s downfall

8:40 a.m. Jan Hargraves:  Nonverbal communication—“Body Language”—often communicates a different message from the spoken word.  Jan proves with her contagious warmth, wit, and humor that there is a method, and a style, to success.  Bring your body, your curiosity, your sense of humor and learn what your body—and the body of others—is communicating to the world.

9:30 a.m. Session I

Be Your Own Hero – Speaker: Brandy Liss

In a world of uncertainty and danger, it is time to learn to protect yourself. Learn to have your voice heard and about the tools and traits available to defend yourself and the ones that you love. Let me equip, empower and educate you on how to BE YOUR OWN HERO.

A Story of Transforming Grace – Speaker: Cherrie McBurney

Cherrie is formerly of the plain people having lived an “Amish-flavored” life as part of an ultra conservative Mennonite community and suffering a personal hurricane in the process of leaving. She’s most passionate about using her story to encourage other women through their own hurricanes, speaking purpose and hope into their most broken places.

Three Questions to Networking Genius – Speaker: Bonnie Benkula

Bonnie Benkula is one of our favorite speakers and served as our dynamic and funny MC in 2015. It is a treat to have her back this year and we urge you – Don’t miss her class! This class is sure to motivate and inspire you to live your life your way and maximize the impact of your networking efforts. Sure you network, but what is the payoff? Learn the three secret questions to networking genius. Learn to spend less time and maximize results. Bonnie will teach you three simple questions to ask to create an instant attraction and gain insight to identify your best prospects and most valuable relationships. Overcome fear, feel the fun and get ready to change the world after this energetic, fun and participatory class!

Ladies Who Leak: Tristi Muir, MD and Carla Czervenney, PT

Urinary incontinence, overactive bladder and other pelvic health problems are common, frustrating and sometimes embarrassing conditions. Our experts will discuss the causes of these pelvic floor disorders and the variety of treatment options available today.

10:25 a.m. Session II

Bootstrapping Your Way to Success! – Speaker: Cynthia Rando

It is possible to live your dream of owning a business even if you do not have significant capital to invest. The more creative you are with how you allocate resources the higher likelihood you will find success. Join me as we discuss one entrepreneur’s bootstrap journey, including tips and tricks for success.

How You See Determines How You Look – Speaker: Dion McInnis 

How a woman sees herself has much to do with how she looks. Self-image is influenced by how you choose to see yourself. Do you look at yourself the way you look at a beloved friend or as your own toughest critic? Bringing decades of experiences as photographer, manager, writer and coach, McInnis offers a unique, blended wisdom of lessons learned from behind the camera and across the table with women as he has guided and revealed new ways of seeing oneself. Using stories, images and poetry, the presentation will cause attendees to think anew and be affirmed, knowing that celebrating beauty begins with the look in the mirror, and will leave with tips on how to see and celebrate one’s own beauty. 

How to Build Your Media Opportunities, Fast, Using Twitter Lists – Speaker: Leslie Carothers 

Learn exactly how to use Twitter lists to connect with the media, fast, to build opportunities for your business to receive publicity! 

Syndrome X is Escalating: Zenithe Ware, MD; Rosemary Eseh-Logue, MD; Manar Harmouch, MD 

Metabolic Syndrome is a health condition that everyone is talking about, and nearly one out of every six adults is experiencing. Our primary care physicians unravel the mystery surrounding this group of risk factors – high blood pressure, high blood sugar, unhealthy cholesterol levels and abdominal fat – which lead to heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

11:20 a.m. Shopping is Open in Ballroom & lobby of ballroom 

12:00 Noon Lunch – Crystal Ballroom 

Featured Speaker – Elizabeth Smart 

1:20 p.m. Shopping Extravaganza Open 

Elizabeth Smart– book sales and signing in lobby 

2:00 p.m. Session III – 

Sexual Assault Awareness – Speaker: Ron Potts 

A seminar discussing different types of rapists, preventative measures, and defensive tactics. We will discuss actual cases. Defensive tactics can be used immediately. 

Entrepreneur Basics– Speaker: Lisa “Cookie” Johnson 

Business entity choices and which choices could help you weather a downturn in your business 

1. Business Basics 

2. Liability insurance 

3. Budgeting 

4. Being an Entrepreneur – working on your business, not just in it 

5. Goal setting 

6. Exit Strategies 

7. Retirement plans 

Slow Down! How to Create Alignment for Personal Fulfillment – Speaker: Karen Mooney, MBA, ACC 

Are you the epitome of the harried leader, wife, or husband? Always running from one thing to another, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at the never ending to-do list? Are there things in your life you want to accomplish or achieve but they seem to keep getting farther and farther out of reach? Nora Ephron said “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Of course that can be easier said than done! The demands of work, family and everything in between can often find us putting off activities that bring personal fulfillment in exchange for a higher priority. However, when that occurs we are no longer design our life but rather being a casualty of circumstance. In this session you will learn five steps you can take to bring about alignment of your life and awaken the possibilities of a life you design. 

Relieve Your Achy, Breaky Back – Speaker: Dr. Rahan Memon

Chronic low back pain can be very difficult to treat and can lead to other debilitating medical conditions. Dr. Memon will discuss how pain management can provide complete or partial relief for those who suffer from this common condition.

3:00 p.m. Session IV 

Wine does Not Have to be Expensive to be Good! – Speaker: Steve Paterson, The Cork Guy 

If you are interested in gaining knowledge in food pairing or want to know what makes a good wine this will be a step in the right direction in gaining those basics. Great wines are not necessarily expensive and not all expensive wines are 

Ascending Adversity and Barriers to Boom Your Business – Speaker: Carolann Peters 

Personal story of success and overcoming barriers to success from a business consultant, entrepreneur, and master life coach. 

Overcoming When Life Spins Out of Control – Speaker: Debbie Simmons 

Have you ever been in a situation where you are hit with something totally out of your control? Suddenly you can’t breathe and you don’t know if you can ever figure your way out of the situation. We will take a look at three steps to not only help you survive but will ultimately help you thrive. 

Your Best Breast Health: Modupe Adeyefa, MD 

Breast health is important for every woman, at every age. Our dedicated breast radiologist explains how to recognize early signs of trouble and how diet, exercise, mammograms and risk factors play important roles in the prevention of breast cancer.

4:00 p.m. It’s Your Time Women’s Conference Celebration – 

* Makeover Reveals 

* Giveaways 

* Vendors Open 

* Champagne Toast